Great River Rescue Welcomes 7 New Board Members

Annual Meeting highlighted by new board members and revised Bylaws

On the evening of Thursday, March 14, 2019 Great River Rescue held its annual General Membership Meeting. This is an important meeting at which members are given updates on the state of the organization and plans for the future. Additionally, members of the organization vote on business matters and ballots are counted for incoming and renewing board members. At this year’s meeting, the shelter had 7 prospective board members on the ballot along with two members up for renewal. All 9 were elected bringing the total number of GRR Board Members to 10. The Board now consists of the following individuals:

  • Geri Hickerson – Chair Person
  • Ara Gallo – Vice Chair Person
  • Jeanne Edevold Larson – Treasurer
  • Ann Ollila – Secretary
  • Lisa Weber
  • Barbara Godding
  • Angie Keprios
  • Eric Sundem
  • Jaimee Towers
  • Tessa Lauderbaugh

Additionally, the members voted to approve revised Bylaws for the organization. A committee of the Board had previously spent time reviewing and revising the Bylaws to make them more simple, and up-to-date with current nonprofit practices. The changes also included the increase of the membership fee to $50 annually, the expansion of the potential total Board size to 15 members, and the inclusion of the Animal Welfare Committee as a standing committee. More information on the current Board of Directors and a copy of the Bylaws can be viewed on our Board of Directors page | Click Here.

“I am very excited to welcome these new board members and to have finalized our Bylaw revisions,” said Executive Director Brandon Mustful. “We continue to make strides in the right direction as an organization to solidify our operations and ensure a positive future.”

Great River Rescue is a community nonprofit and membership organization. All members of the community who believe in its work are welcome to become a member. Learn more about membership and become a member at our website – Click Here.

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