Foster Programs

  1. Fostering animals with medical or behavior issues – Sometimes animals become sick or injured and would recover better in a home setting.  Other times animals have behavior issues and might benefit from being in a home with someone who can work directly with the animal on those issues.  Still other times the Humane Society has pregnant or nursing animals that need to be in a home where they can be attended to as necessary.  For all of these occasions Great River Rescue may seek foster parents to temporarily provide care for animals.  These parents do not generally intend to adopt the animal(s), but may still choose to do so after the temporary foster period is over.
  2. Short-Term Fostering: Great River Rescue offers two short-term fostering programs: Sleepover/Weekend fostering, and Field Trip fostering. These programs are meant to get the animals out of the shelter and into the community, and to help us learn more about the animals’ personalities and behavior tendencies.
  3. Pet Safe Housing Program – Great River Rescue has teamed up with Northwoods Battered Women’s Shelter to provide temporary foster care for clients of Northwoods.  More information can be found on the Pet Safe Housing Page | Pet Safe Housing

Foster Application

All foster home providers must first fill out an application and be approved by shelter staff.  Great River Rescue reserves the right to deny any applicant the opportunity to foster a pet.  Great River Rescue uses the foster program for the benefit of the animals and makes decisions based on the best interest of the animals.

Foster home providers are an invaluable resource to Great River Rescue.  The foster program allows us to provide needed care that the animals can not get in a shelter setting.  The foster-to-adopt program opens up more space at the shelter for animals in need and allows us to care for even more pets.  Great River Rescue is grateful for all of our foster home providers.

Before filling out your application, you may want to learn more about foster care from our partner the Best Friends of Animals Society | Click Here

Apply to become a Foster Home Provider through GRR!

View our Foster Guidelines for more information here | Foster Guidelines

Are you fostering animals and need some extra guidance?  Maddie’s Fund has created some awesome “Flash Classes” to help you. Learn anything from socializing kittens, to introducing new dogs, and more.

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