Shelter Store

Get the right products for your pets to make the process of bringing your new pet home smoother than ever!Shelter Store

Why Buy at GRR?

Your purchases help animals

All the proceeds from merchandise sales support the animals and programs at Great River Rescue.

It’s convenient

No need to stop at another store after adopting your animal.  We offer what you need right here.

Competitive pricing

Our prices are competitive to most specialty pet supply retailers

Knowledgeable staff

We know pets and can help you find the right products for you and your new pet.

Our Products

We sell a variety of new and gently used pet supplies. Some items include dog and cat toys, pet beds, collars and leashes, harnesses, treats, litter boxes and scoops, dog sweaters, cat carriers, and more. We also sell new Easy Walk Harnesses and Gentle Leaders which are great tools for anyone with a dog that likes to pull on walks.


Gentle Leader Headcollars

We also sell various used products at discounted prices!

And don’t forget your GRR Apparel!