We invite you to become a member!

Your membership contribution guarantees that the shelter animals will have a safe haven until they are all the way home. Your membership will help us pay for:

  • Staff who nurture the shelter animals daily.
  • Medication and medical expenses to maintain health of the animals.
  • Spay/neuter costs to reduce the number of unwanted pets in our area.
  • Quality food to maintain the health of our animals until they are adopted.
  • General building maintenance and operations including utility expenses
  • Members are the first to receive updates from the shelter and notifications of our upcoming events and shelter happenings.

We are a 501c3 licensed facility, and all donations are tax deductible.

Benefits of Membership

  • Have voting rights for our Board of Directors
  • Become eligible to join our Board of Directors
  • Get a free leash/martingale collar combo! (While Supplies Last)
  • Get a 10% discount on our shelter store items
  • Stay informed about shelter activities
  • Know that you are helping companion animals

You can become a member by making a $50 donation to Great River Rescue and using the donation link below.

Become a GRR Member!

Thank you for caring about your animals.  We appreciate your support!

Current Members of Great River Rescue (as of February 4, 2022):

Porter Coggins
Arlene Tangborn
Kevin Cease
Terri Ball
Kathleen Fuller
Ruth Howe
Pamela McClintock
Patricia Smith
Michelle Ladig
Randy Brandsted
Vicki Brandsted
Jennifer Aakre
Brandon Mustful
Linda Blessing
Sharon Beighley
Patrick Scholz
Becky Livermore
Carla Mistic
Ann Mork
Colleen Sorby
Mike Morris
Angela Morris
Jeanne Edevold Larson
Nancy Manley
Ethan Larson
Eric Sundem
Lindsay Jilek
Susan Peterson
Teri Bradel
Sandra Dudley
Lauren Bradel Warick
Susan Feeney
Mark Mustful
Peter Mitby
Durayne Mitby
Robyn Schulke
Symon Schindler-Syme
Traci Christiansen
Larry Sundem
Joanne Sundem
Deborah Steinbar
Kenneth Thole
Sandra Thole
Richard Janisch
Mark Colliton
Mary Olson
Kim Nord
Bryan Bidinger
Ann Allen
Dennis Clemenson
Audrey Gustafson
Karen Haugen
Ryan Zubke
Daniel Domeier
Shela Norton
Cynthia Borgen
Don Anderson
Forest Behm
Bonnie Bowen
Sharon Chapman
Cleo Christopherson
Val Claypool
Joan Ditty
Bunny Dunlap
Jack Dunphy
Janice Egersdorf
Jim Ellingson
Mary Foster
Joann Froyd
Carol Gendreau
Penny Gullette
Arthur Gullette
Julie Hendrickson
Mike Hesch
Linda Hesch
Geri Hickerson
Jill Hill
Bob & Peggy Hirt
William Howe
Esther Instebo
Keith & Ilene Johanneson
Natalie Kiehne
Bea Knodel
Mary Langerak
Ada Langhout
Rossana Lee
Joan Leimbeck
John V. Lortie
David & Margie Luadtke
Mary Melchoir
Nancy Michael
Robert Naylor
Chub & DonaMae Naylor
Ottertail Power
Elizabeth Riddle
Michael Robinson
Vicki Ross-Rhoades
Sadie Ruge
Eric Schieferdecker
Jon & Donna Shorter
Ada Simons
Jean Sliney
Gloria Smart
Jerry Smith
Helen Sorlie
Jim & Karen Spargo
Sandra Suplicki
Mary Jo Vene
Marguerite Wallace
Ellen Weber
Margaret Welle
Joe Welle
Beverly Wright

Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Great River Rescue