We invite you to become a member!

Your membership contribution guarantees that the shelter animals will have a safe haven until they are all the way home. Your membership will help us pay for:

  • Staff who nurture the shelter animals daily.
  • Medication and medical expenses to maintain health of the animals.
  • Spay/neuter costs to reduce the number of unwanted pets in our area.
  • Quality food to maintain the health of our animals until they are adopted.
  • General building maintenance and operations including utility expenses
  • Members are the first to receive updates from the shelter and notifications of our upcoming events and shelter happenings.

We are a 501c3 licensed facility, and all donations are tax deductible.

Benefits of Membership

  • Have voting rights for our Board of Directors
  • Become eligible to join our Board of Directors
  • Get a free leash/martingale collar combo! (While Supplies Last)
  • Get a 10% discount on our shelter store items
  • Stay informed about shelter activities
  • Know that you are helping companion animals

You can become a member by making a $50 donation to Great River Rescue and using the donation link below.

Become a GRR Member!

Thank you for caring about your animals.  We appreciate your support!

Current Members of Great River Rescue (as of March 17, 2023):

Ethan Larson
Robyn Schulke
Patrick Scholz & Sharon Beighley
Mark Mustful
Allison Cease
Annette & Gary Theroux & Vogel
Jennifer Aakre
Ruth Andersen
Leslie & Terri Ball
Jon & Linda Blessing
Cynthia Borgen
Lauren Bradel Warick
Theresa & Don Bradel
Vicki & Randy Brandsted
D. Jean Castle
Mark Colliton
Daniel Domeier
Sandra Dudley
Caroline Eggers & Shawn Larson
Ara Gallo
Harriet Gordon
Pamela McClintock
Audrey Gustafson
Ruth Howe
Lindsay Jilek
Michelle Ladig
Jeanne & William Larson
Patricia A. Lester
Jamie Listebarger
Brian & Rebecca Livermore
Paul Lundin
Nancy Manley
Carla Mistic
Peter & Durayne Mitby
Ann & Karl Mork
Angela Morris
Daryle Russell
Darrell & Patricia Smith
Colleen & Calvin Sorby
Deborah Steinbar
Eric Sundem
Joanne or Larry Sundem
Arlene Tangborn
Kenneth & Sandra Thole
Ann Allen
Jaimee Towers
Ryan Zubke
Brandon Mustful
Traci Christiansen
Kim Nord
Kevin Johnson
Karla Schumacher
Jacob Pearlson
Symon Schindler-Syme
Jessica D’Antonio
Bryan Bidinger
Angela McDermott
Kathy Johnson
Nina Randorf
Sanna McKinzie
Thomas Sorenson
Michelle Carlson
Mark & Grace Junge

Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Great River Rescue