Pet Safe Housing Program

Pet Safe Housing Program:



Great River Rescue and the Northwoods Battered Women’s Shelter are working together to provide a safe refuge for companion animal pets.

NBWS’s Mission: To provide crisis shelter, victim-center advocacy and supportive services for victims of intimate partner violence.

GRR’s Mission: Great River Rescue is committed to serving the best interest of the animals we strive to protect.

There are two primary goals of the Pet Safe Housing Program:
  • To provide safe housing for the pets of victims of domestic violence.
  • To enable families and their pets to stay together through difficult circumstances.

    Additional Information:

Clients of the Northwoods Battered Women’s Shelter may be able to find housing for their pets in approved foster homes. Foster home providers will look after and care for the pet(s) for up to a maximum of 60 days.

Northwoods Battered Women’s Shelter will request help with the cost of boarding and veterinary care for these animals from the RedRover Safe Escape grant program, listed below.

Red Rover

For more information about the services of Northwoods Battered Women’s Shelter, and to apply for the Pet Safe Housing Program, contact NBWS, listed below.

Northwoods Website

If interested in becoming a foster care provider for this very important program, please fill out our online foster home form.

Foster Home Application

*Not all animals will be able to be accepted into the program, nor can Great River Rescue guarantee that space will be available for all animals at any given time. 


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