Adoptable Dogs

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Dog Prices:

Dog Prices: $208.57 + tax (we do not accept checks for adoptions)
Includes: basic kennel vaccinations (canine distemper & Bordetella), de-worming, flea/tick treatments, ear checks, spaying and/or neutering, a pre-registered microchip, and in most cases a Rabies vaccination (this takes coordination with our veterinary partners). Upon request, we can conduct blood tests for an additional fee of $15.

You can bring your own collar and leash at the time of adoption, or you can buy what you need at our shelter. Learn more about our shelter store here. Shelter Store

See our Home to Home Adoptable Pet Listings. Click Here

Medical Treatment:

Great River Rescue is committed to adopting out animals in good faith.  All known medical, physical, behavioral conditions, and special needs have been disclosed to the prospective adopter.  Any costs incurred relating to any disclosed or pre-existing condition are the adopter’s responsibility as of the date of adoption.

Special Needs Adoptions:

Some of our animals are listed as “special needs pets.” These animals may have behavior or health issues, or maybe they have just been at the shelter for an extended period of time. These animals are available at a discount because of our Special Needs Fund which offsets the cost of the adoption. 

Holding Animals:

Great River Rescue does not, under any circumstances, hold animals waiting to be adopted. Any potential adopter who waits beyond the date of their approved application to pick-up the animal does so at his/her own risk. We will not guarantee that the animal will still be available for adoption if an adopter waits. Any animal you have scheduled a visit for may be adopted before your scheduled appointment. Requesting an appointment for an animal does NOT hold them for you in any way.

The Cost of Adopting:

Yes, Great River Rescue charges an adoption fee. But, did you know that we lose money with every adoption? Did you know that we receive NO funding from the city or county to help care for companion animals? On average, we spend about $500 on every animal that we help.  At the same time, we only charge an average adoption fee of $125. That means that we lose money with every adoption! We depend on the support of our community members to continue to provide the best care possible for all animals in need.

Animal visitations are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. You may schedule an appointment same day only if an appointment is available. If you schedule a same day appointment, you will not be able to adopt on that day. Schedule an appointment to visit us below!

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Our website is updated daily with our currently adoptable pets. If you do not see an animal that would be a good fit for your home, keep checking in! We regularly take in new animals that will become available for adoption!

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