Animal Reclaims

Reclaiming Animals:

If you find that your cat or dog has been placed at Great River Rescue due to being picked up by Animal Control (or for any other reason), you may reclaim your animal at a cost of $25.00 plus $10.00 a day each day the animal is at our shelter. You can re-adopt your pet if our adoption costs are less than the stay. Proper I.D. is required to reclaim your pet.  Owners are expected to provide proof of ownership at the time of reclamation which may include photos, vet records, local government registration, microchip registration, or Pedigree registration.  Owners will be required to complete an application to adopt and demonstrate the ability to provide a stable home, a safe environment, necessary veterinary care and nutrition, basic training, identification and companionship for the pet.

Reclaim Fee Chart
Dog Cat
Same Day as Arrival $25 $25
Day After Arrival (Day 1) $25 $25
Day 2 $35 $35
Day 3 $45 $45
Day 4 $55 $55
Day 5 $65 $65
Day 6 $75 $75
Day 7 $85 $85
Day 8 $95 $95
Day 9 $100 $100
Day 10 $110 (keep adding $10 per day until $200 is reached) $100
Great River Rescue