Make a Memorial Donation!

“In Loving Memory” Donations:

Memorials, tributes, or honorariums are a very special way to say “I love you,” “I remember you”, “I honor you”, “I think you are special”.  For a nominal donation, we will print your message in our newsletter and on our website. If you would like notification of your donation sent to someone, please provide specific instructions including the name and address of the recipient and what you would like the notification to include.

  • Gary Hedstrom | from Carol Lee
  • Mary Kay Klein | from Thomas Klein, Patrisha Founeinelle, Robert Klein, Patricia Bilek, Katie Nolting, Jennifer Wellner, Mary & Terry Larson, and John & Debra Heineman
  • Janine Bowers | Bill & Jeannie Frey
  • Jim Hoover | from Bill & Jeannie Frey
  • Richard Brown | from LaRee Faul
  • Sandy Erickson | from C & J Larson
  • Helen Maness-Adams | from Bill & Jeannie Frey
  • Margaret Welle | from Geri Hickerson, Lori & Patrick Welle, Michael & Karen Kelly, and Nicholas & Kendra Marvin
  • Michelle Gehrke-Herwynen | from Ashley Gagola, Mark Olson, Kenneth Hansen, Tom Johannas, Kirsten Schnackenberg, & Audrey Berg
  • Dilbert and Saje | from Mark & Margaret Schultz
  • Polly Smyithe | from John & Gail Reff
  • Kyle Hennum | from Deb & Jeff Allison, Janet Freeman, Dr. John Eggers, Rodney Starkey, Rochelle Scheela, Douglas & Carol Sele, Randy Hovet, Gregory & Julie Carlson, Judy & Alan Killian, Patrick & Deborah Morell, Peter & Sandy Hennum, Marilyn & Dale Shanahan, Gregory & Patti Warnecke, John Simmons, and Bill & Jennifer Sanford
  • Joette Collyard | from Gloria Collyard, and Kay & Larry Mack
  • Bob Jensen | from Carol Grimes
  • Luna | from Sherry Mergens
  • Fred | from Katrina Anderson
  • Michelle Gehrke | from Mary Schneider, Bette & Duane Ausmus, RJ & Sarah Klinkhammer, Mark & Margaret Schultz, and Ashley Gagola
  • Lorraine Rossiter | from Sally & Steve Patterson, and Arthur & Judith Lee
  • Eric Trast | from William and Jeanie Frey
  • Kyle Hennum | from Douglas Garrigan, Melissa Bowar, Steven & Kathleen Fuller, James Ellingson, Marilyn Schilling, and Timothy Lea
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