I received a postcard asking for an update on our adoptee, Tobias. I’m happy to share.

Tobias was renamed to Flip. He’s learned his name, and he will respond when called. His sweet yet playful temperament is exactly why he was chosen as our third addition. He immediately bonded with his new friends Princess Bubblegum (white kitty) and Caramel (orange kitty). He is a demanding snuggler with his humans and step-kitties, and even enjoys turning on the charm for new visitors. Flip’s hobbies are batting and chasing anything that rolls, wrestling with his friends, bird/toad/deer watching, and whining until he gets picked up for cuddling. Flip is an indoor only kitty, but in warmer months he enjoys being carried outside to sit by the lake or going on stroller walks. As Flip has matured his body has become very long, he has an extremely soft and long fluffy coat, has hair on bottom of his paws, and has grown super long whiskers. We wonder if he is part Norwegian Forest Cat, but that will remain a mystery. 

Three kitties are our limit (one per human), and with him being the last edition we are so pleased with how well they have blended together.


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