Just wanted to give you an update on Cleopatra AKA Spring.

When she got home, she did just as you had told us, she ran and found a cozy hiding spot. My partner and I kinda took turns going in to the room she was in and offering pets and behind the ear scratches. She puuuuuuuurd and squeaked every time so we figured she was ok with it. 

We explained to her that this house is all hers, no other cats, no other people, all hers. Told her that she is in charge, she gets to make the rules, this is her home. And that’s when it hit me. She will be the empress of this household, Cleopatra. Cleo.

Mike woke me up at midnight Fri/Sat night, Cleo was running and playing with the little “mice” I bought her and scratching on her scratch post and just playing so hard!

Yesterday I got an hour long belly nap, she snuggled Mike on his lap, she absolutly will not let me pee with out making figure 8’s around my feet!

As soon as I wake up she is squeaking and meowing to me and following me around. 

She is still pretty jumpy, and still has a long road to becoming her full self, but i just had to share with you her amazing progress in such a short amount of time!! And she loves her new window!

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