Category: Happy Tails



Annie has adjusted very well and loves to play with her two best friends.  She loves to be where ever you are, loves the water and to go fishing.



I am glad to inform you that Fynn has been doing very well since we adopted him. I changed his name to Ace when we got him, just seemed to fit him better. I bring...



I adopted Molly, now Maggie, in April 2015. She is the first dog I have gotten through a humane society. I happily report that she has adapted well to family life on our hobby...


Hatchworth, aka Hatchy

Hatchi has adapted to his forever home really well! He has his own window that he sits in to watch the birds and cars drive by.  He snuggles w/his new mama quite often and...



I didn’t include pictures because Zeke is camera shy and puts his head down when we try to take his picture.   Zeke is always hungry.  We were gone for 20 minutes one afternoon and...



My name is Simza.  I was adopted in July. 2014 by Barb and Chris. I now have 2 new playmates; Frankie, a big male Siamese and Tyke, a female Tuxedo.  We are all about...



Thank you for uniting us with Phoenix, we couldn’t ask for a nicer Kitty!  We did, however, change her name to Charmin.  On her first day home, I watched Little Charmin chew off all...


Gris Gris

Gris Gris has settled well into our home.  She and Bengal and Kitty Kitty get along beautifully.  She has put on a few pounds and loves to play with her sister Bengal.  We all...



I loved this cat from the moment I met him, and he has settled in to my farmhouse family wonderfully.  We still can’t believe he purrs AS he eats . . . and he...


Maya aka Ruby

Maya has been the easiest puppy ever!!  She is very kind and happy.  She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.  She loves to snuggle up as close as she can get.  She...