Pocahontas – adopted July 21, 2020

Almost a year ago we drove up to visit dogs for adoption at GRR.  We fell in love with them all.  But decided on taking only one- the frail lil black and tan, Diva, home. She yelped and winced at touch and was the drama queen of dogs. We brought her to our vet the next day thinking she had something wrong… She had a belly full of worms, was bone thin and did not understand touch could be good…

With some patience, kindness, persistence and an awesome trainer at Adventure is Barking in Mound, MN.

Diva, now named Pocahontas,  or Poca for short is a wonderful, adventurous, super active pup that sleeps on the bed with family,  owns an entire couch – which she will share! She models how love and kindness and patience can turn a dog into a family member.

We are forever grateful for GRR and their cause!

Thank you!

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