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Use the following link to report a lost/found animal with Great River Rescue | Lost/Found Pet

We hold all stray animals for a minimum of 10 days.  Please feel free to call us at 751-7910 to see if we have found your pet.

City Pound – 333-9111

Township Pound at Animal Care Clinic – 444-2222

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Bemidji Area lost and found animals

LOST: Means you are LOOKING for an animal FOUND: Means you have found an animal IF YOU HAVE FOUND A PET: ACT IMMEDIATELY, TIME IS CRITICAL SECURE THE PET. CRATE THE CAT OR DOG, OR SECURELY LEASH THE DOG. Provide water to the pet who may have been missing for hours. Walk around the neighborhood, knock on doors, asking neighbors if they know the pet’s owner. ASK EVERYONE YOU SEE IF THEY KNOW WHO OWNS THE FOUND PET: the postman, newspaper deliverer, meter reader, pool cleaners, gardeners, trash collectors, school crossing guards. TAKE THE PET TO A VETERINARY OFFICE AND ASK THEM TO CHECK FOR A MICROCHIP. They can assist you in calling the 24 hour hotline for the microchip company, which can provide the owner’s contact information. POST FLIERS WITH A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE FOUND PET AND YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER. DO NOT INCLUDE SEX OF THE DOG OR OTHER DETAILS SO THE REAL OWNER CAN IDENTIFY THESE DETAILS TO YOU. List only a brief description of the pet, and the city found in. Leave out certain identifying information about the pet, so the rightful owner can prove ownership. MAKE THE CALLER IDENTIFY THE PET. Ask them to identify the pet accurately: if the pet had a collar, the color of the collar, if a male pet was neutered, colors, markings, unusual characteristics (missing eye, etc). Require that they give you their veterinarian’s phone number to call to verify that they own the found pet. Ask to meet them at their vet’s office. If they cannot describe the pet accurately, cannot provide a veterinary contact, and cannot provide photos of the pet as proof of ownership, they are most likely not the pet’s owner! BEWARE OF THOSE WHO POSE AS OWNERS TO OBTAIN FREE PETS FOR INHUMANE REASONS. There are people in Our area who pretend to be the pet’s owner, but instead sell the pet to “bunchers” collecting animals for sale to research labs. Special purebreds are also at risk for con artists calling to get an expensive purebred as their own so they can use them for breeding. Others use free pets for bait in dog fights or sadistic rituals. NEVER respond to a caller alone. Take someone with you and arrange to meet in a public place, not your home, preferably their vet’s office.
Nancy Marie
Nancy Marie3 days ago
Tony went missing from Cass Lake Minnesota earlier in February. We have not been able to locate him. We are hoping that someone has taken him in and just cannot find his owners. Please share this flyer if you are able.

Jesyka Mock Blowers
Jesyka Mock Blowers2 weeks ago
Is anyone missing a pit?! By the new cenex it's at the dog pound now and it is hurt... (posting for a friend)
Susan Hazard
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Laurian Halverson
Laurian Halverson2 days ago
There was a post (and signs around) for a tan and black dog that was missing. What kind of dog? Pics? We have seen a wandering dog near Nary. Wondering if it was yours.


Lost Dogs Minnesota

We are an all volunteer group committed to reuniting families with their lost dogs. This service is provided free to dog families, shelters/rescues and animal control professionals. We are strictly an online forum providing the means for families of lost dogs and finders to post and match up dogs to get them home. We do not have possession of any animals and do not assist in placing them. We are not affiliated with any animal control agencies, rescue groups or humane societies, but support their efforts and many support our site as well. Mission * Reunite families with their dogs * Reduce the number of "strays" in shelters. * Protect lost dogs from injury. * Protect the public from traffic accidents caused by loose dogs. * Educate the public on effective methods of finding lost dogs. Description The dogs family members, or approved representatives are asked to complete a lost dog report form, and finders of lost dogs are asked to complete a found dog report form, which grants us permission to share that information on the Lost Dogs of Minnesota Facebook page. This page also offers resources and educational tips for finding lost dogs and tips to help reunite found dogs with their families. Phone Number: (612) 642-1364
Sarah Carr
Sarah Carr1 hour ago
Please let me know if you see our black lab, “Barkley.” We live off of County Road 17 in Pequot Lakes. His collar is green as shown in the picture. He is a shorter lab. Call 320-232-0109
Lost Dogs Minnesota
Lost Dogs Minnesota2 hours ago
Minnesota got a lot of snow overnight and the wind is picking up today! Be sure when you are snowblowing you don't pile all the snow in front of the fence building your dog a ramp to get out! The wind can also do this so check your yard quick before letting your dog out!
Rachel Swanson
Rachel Swanson2 hours ago
Please help us find Bo!

Date Lost: February 24, 2018
Breed: Border Collie
Gender: Male
Closet Intersection: highway 7/Highway 10
City: St Boni/Watertown MN
Zip Code: 55388
County: Carver
Color: Black and white. Black spots on front legs and face. 2 back white socks and a white tip on tail
Dog’s Age: 2
Dogs size: larger Border Collie weighs 64lbs

Last seen around 2:30pm on Oxford Ave in Watertown MN. He is wearing a red collar without tags. It may have slipped off. Timid dog but will come when you talk to him. He smiles so please don’t be alarmed.

Please contact Rachel at 952-423-8378

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Lost Dogs Minnesota
Lost Dogs Minnesota added a new photo.3 hours ago
Lost Dog- Cottage Grove- French Bulldog- Female

Date Lost: 02-24-2018
Dog's Name: Bianca
Breed of Dog: French Bulldog / French Bulldog Mix
Gender: Female
Closest Intersection: Hadley & Hale
City where Lost: Cottage Grove
Zip Code 55016
County: Washington
Color: White
Dog's Age: Young
Dog's Size: Medium (21~45 lbs)
Any information on how lost, description etc: .

CONTACT Dawn Phone: (651) 248-5081

More Info, Photos and to Contact: http://www.helpinglostpets.com/petdetail/?id=2208691

To see this pet’s location on the HelpingLostPets Map: http://www.helpinglostpets.com/v2/?pid=2208691

Let's get Bianca home!
#LDoMN #HelpingLostPets


Animal Humane Society
Animal Humane Society was live.15 hours ago
We’re live at our Whisker Whirl gala, one of our biggest fundraisers of the year at Union Depot in St. Paul! 600 people and 252 dogs are here tonight to celebrate the human-animal bond!
Animal Humane Society
Animal Humane Society
Animal Humane Society shared The Dodo's video.19 hours ago
Two new moms + their kittens and puppies sharing one small dog house = ❤️.
Animal Humane Society
The Dodo
This mama dog was keeping her puppies warm inside a doghouse when someone else decided to join her 💞💞💞
Animal Humane Society
Animal Humane Society19 hours ago
It's a fact: spaying and neutering saves lives! 😸🐶 February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, and we want to give a shout out to our Kindest Cut clinic! Last year, Kindest Cut performed 11,627 spay/neuter surgeries at its brick-and-mortar clinic in Golden Valley and mobile truck serving the Twin Cities metro. Kindest Cut gives low-income pet owners, animals rescue organizations, and feral cat caretakers the chance to have their animals fixed for a fraction of what the procedure typically costs. Their efforts help reduce pet overpopulation, and we're happy we can offer their services to the community! 🐾

To learn more about Kindest Cut, check out this article by our friends at Sidewalk Dog Media!
Animal Humane Society
Animal Humane Society added 2 new photos.22 hours ago
When you lose a pet, nothing can replace what they once meant to you. ❤️ But eventually, we find it in our hearts to welcome a new animal into our lives. Nicole's adoption story honors the two special cats she's adopted from AHS, one who has crossed the rainbow bridge and the other who she's still getting to know. #SuccessStorySaturday

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for Animal Humane Society. In 2015, my family and I adopted a 9-year-old cat named Roxy. We adopted her one month after my brother was murdered. She was the first cat I had had since childhood and she became my 'therapy' cat. About 2 years after adopting her, she began having significant health problems. After 6 months of trying to help her and extend her life, I had to make the difficult decision of having her put down. It was pretty difficult for me. I still have a hard time considering that decision.

"The house felt incredibly empty after saying goodbye to Roxy. My husband talked me into checking out the St. Paul Humane Society site the day after Roxy died. We found Iris, a 5-month-old kitten. She’s quite different from Roxy, but she fits so well with our family. It’s a different relationship, and I am so happy to have her in our lives.

"I just wanted to share because I am so happy with my pets. And I wouldn’t have had them without Animal Humane Society. So, thank you. The black and white cat is Roxy. The tabby is Iris."
Animal Humane Society
Animal Humane Society2 days ago
UPDATE: I’m on hold for adoption! Woo hoo!!

Hi guys! It's Chase. I hacked into this Facebook page because I'm still waiting for a family and I hope someone will see this awesome selfie I took and fall for my devilish good looks. 😎 Just kidding, I have a pretty great personality too! I get a little overexcited about life sometimes, but I'm actually a calm and cuddly boy once you give me a chance! I will even put up with whatever bad reality TV show you're into right now (is it the Bachelor? This season stinks...) just for a chance to snuggle with you on the couch! OK, I think I'm out of time, somebody's coming... but please visit me this weekend! I'm at something called "Golden Valley" and on the internet here: ahs.mn/MeetChase

xoxo Chase, certified Very Good Boy.