Zeva aka Lightning

ZevaakaLightningThank you for the good care that you gave her for her 1st 2 months of life. She is very well adjusted and healthy.

You will be happy to know Lightning has found a great home. Her name is now Zeva and we love her dearly and she loves us too. She is a very obedient dog, loves to be outside with us and stays pretty much in our yard. If we go inside she wants to be with us. We don’t tie her up and she has not strayed.

We take her for a mile walk each morning down our country road with plenty of woods. She probably travels 3 or 4 miles and when we get home she is ready for her morning nap. She loves to tree squirrels and bark at them. That is the only time she doesn’t listen very well. She likes to cool off in the lake and get a big drink. Mostly she stays clean but we have to wipe her off to go in the house. She is a house dog but does get warm inside and likes to find a cool spot on the tile floor or next to an outside door.

We’ve had her trimmed up a bit to look much better. She does not shed except for a few hairs on the brush. We groom her almost daily. I think she has found her home. She is safe and loved very much. We are so glad we found her.

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