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Revised Procedures to Take Effect June 1, 2021

First off, we are so thankful to everyone who has continued to support Great River Rescue as we have managed our shelter through this pandemic. We are grateful to be able to offer our service, and glad to see that the worst of this COVID 19 pandemic is behind us. As many of you know, Governor Walz is easing restrictions throughout the state over the next weeks and months, and therefore we will be able to update some of our procedures. With that said, things will not be exactly as they were before the pandemic. We have found that some changes are for the better and will continue indefinitely.

Beginning June 1, clients will be allowed to walk-in during our open business hours and see pets available for adoption. However, an appointment will still be required to visit with the animals and potentially adopt. Appointments will also still be required to surrender an animal to the shelter. Appointments to visit pets can be made through our online booking site – Online Booking Site We encourage clients to make appointments at least one day in advance. Appointments can be made same-day if there are open slots, but an adoption cannot be completed on that same day. Requests to surrender can be made by calling us at 218-751-7910 or using this online form | Click Here In-person volunteer trainings will resume on July 14 and will be held on the second Wednesday of each month. To learn more about our volunteer program | Click Here We feel the appointment system is the safest, most effective way of helping potential adopters find the best pet for them, which is why it will be continued. We thank you for your understanding.

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