Traveling with Your Pets During COVID-19

Traveling with Your Pets During COVID-19

Guest post from Million Mile Secrets

The global Coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of everyone. We have all had to make adjustments to keep ourselves and our families as safe as possible. With that in mind, we still have lives to lead which may include travel for business, to visit family, or maybe even a much-needed vacation. In many cases, this travel may include our furry family members whom we love and with whom we want to share experiences. Of course, traveling with pets has always been a little more complicated than traveling on our own. Now, more than ever, we have to consider the implications of traveling with pets, and pay attention to the rules and regulations put in place by airlines and other transportation agencies. Below is a link to an article from Million Mile Secrets which does a great job laying out all the important things to consider for different types of travel, and details about rules from different companies. Please check out this post before traveling, and enjoy your trip!

Traveling with a pet during COVID-19

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