Tommy (now Thirty-Three)

“Thirty-three truly lives up to his new name, which comes from the idea that good things come in threes. Because I live where I also work, pets are not normally encouraged here. However, Thirty-three was allowed to live here with me as an emotional support animal (ESA), and he has adapted to his new surroundings pretty quickly. My boss, who isn’t really a cat person, was amazed when I introduced him to her and he walked up to her and purred when being pet. I was prepared for him to hide from me for weeks if not months, but he has quickly become my best buddy. He often sits on his bed next to my office space and enjoys all the head-scratches and pets I will give him. He’s definitely already helped some of my emotional health issues and I’m glad to say being here seems to have made him happier as well. As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m especially aware of how thankful I am for meeting and adopting Thirty-three through Great River Rescue.”

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