Take Home a Former Kitten Special a Huge Success!


On July 22, 2014 Great River Rescue initiated a cat adoption special because the shelter was being inundated with cats.  The special offered all cats 1 year and up that had been at the shelter for 90 days or more for only $20.  Since the start of the special, 53 animals have been adopted including 41 cats.  Additionally, 25 animals have been placed in foster to adopt homes because they are too young to be spayed or neutered.  In total, 78 animals have been put in homes in just over a month!  For a shelter that normally does only 20 – 25 adoptions per month that is an amazing number!

Great River Rescue would like to thank everyone who has opened up their homes to a shelter pet.  Each adopted animal represents a second chance at life.  Thank you!

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