Stray Animals Arriving at GRR

Notice Regarding Stray Animals Arriving at Great River Rescue

It is the policy of Great River Rescue to hold stray animals at our facility until an owner has had at least 10 days to reclaim their pet. If a stray animal is surrendered by an individual, we keep the animal here until 10 days after the surrender. If an animal is transferred to us by one of the local pounds, we count days spent at the pound as part of that reclaim period.

Several months ago, we committed to posting photos of all strays on the Bemidji Area Lost and Found Animals Facebook page. Unfortunately, there have been some unintended consequences with those posts, which make it challenging to identify owners. Therefore, moving forward, we will post all incoming stray animals on our own website at the following URL: Lost/Found Pets. We ask all of our supporters, and those interested in helping get animals back home, to tell others to check our website as one of their main sources of lost/found animal reports. You will see that a link to the Bemidji Area Lost and Found Animals Facebook page remains on our lost/found pets page, along with other resources.

Thank you for your understanding, and continued partnership to save companion animals.

Brandon Mustful
Executive Director

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