My name is Simza.  I was adopted in July. 2014 by Barb and Chris. I now have 2 new playmates; Frankie, a big male Siamese and Tyke, a female Tuxedo.  We are all about the same age, so we play well together.  I mostly tease and chase them, but we all sleep together.  I have found several really nice napping spots, too.  I haven’t been outdoors yet, because I don’t want to get lost.  I have it too good here!

My human dad—Chris—nicknamed me Pyewaskit, the cat from the movie ‘Bell, Book and Candle’ who was also a beautiful Siamese.  My human mom—Barb-sometimes calls me Sweetie Pie or Pretty Girl.   I am pretty nosey and love to check out my surroundings.  My life is good (I am not as tense as I was in the shelter) and I am glad to be in my forever home with Chris and Barb and my playmates.


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