Sarge’s Story

sargeSarge came to Great River Rescue in April of 2013 from a shelter in Iowa. That shelter didn’t have the resources to provide Sarge the care he needed and had tried calling about 10 other shelters and rescues before reaching us. Upon his arrival, it was evident that Sarge had a good heart, but had dealt with some serious trauma. Sarge had developed some serious behavior issues including kennel rage and food guarding. It was difficult to work with Sarge because he didn’t trust people. At first, we didn’t know what we could do to help Sarge, but we were determined to win his trust and find him a home.

Fortunately, one of our great volunteers, Dennis, stepped up and decided to make Sarge his project. Dennis worked with Sarge on a daily basis. Sarge started making progress and we could see him overcoming his fear. We consulted with animal training experts, and Dennis kept working with him regularly. Sometimes, it felt like Sarge would be impossible to adopt, but he kept surprising us with his amazing intelligence and sensitivity. Finally, in April of 2014, after one year with our shelter, Sarge went into his new adoptive home with a very caring new owner.

Sarge is truly one of the most amazing dogs we’ve ever had. Most dogs would never have overcome what Sarge went through. We did a lot of work with Sarge, but the credit goes to him for his perseverance and care for us.

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  1. Sherry Baker says:

    Your story about Sarge is so heartwarming. There are no words to describe the warmth and gratitude for Dennis, and all involved, that I feel for your commitment and genuine passion to the well being of these animals.

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