Veterinary Assistance Program

This program is not currently active.

Our veterinary assistance program is made possible by the Banfield Charitable Trust.




Great River Rescue is commited to serving the best interest of the animals we strive to protect.

Veterinary Assistance Program Application Guidelines

Program Goals:  Great River Rescue Veterinary Assistance Program is made possible by a $2500 grant from the Banfield Charitable Trust. The vision of Banfield Charitable Trust is that every wanted and loved pet stays in their home. Therefore, this program is intended to help pet owners in and around the Bemidji area afford needed veterinary care for their pets.

Eligibility:  The Veterinary Assistance Program is intended to assist low income individuals and families. Eligible participants must be receiving one of the following government assistance programs or provide proof of household size and income:

  • Disability income
  • Food support
  • General assistance
  • Heating assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Medical Assistance
  • MN Care
  • MFIP
  • Section 8 housing
  • Temporary assistance for needy families
  • VA Disability
  • WIC

Income Qualifications:  Income Qualifications:  if Family size is greater than 8 use Other and add $9,350/year or $779/mo for each additional member.

  • Family size of 1 – ($27,075 – yearly OR $2,256 – monthly)
  • Family size of 2 – ($36.425 – yearly OR $3,035 – monthly)
  • Family size of 3 – ($45,775 – yearly OR $3,815 – monthly)
  • Family size of 4 – ($55,125 – yearly OR $4,594 – monthly)
  • Family size of 5 – ($64,475 – yearly OR $5,373 – monthly)
  • Family size of 6 – ($73,825 – yearly OR $6,152 – monthly)
  • Family size of 7 – ($83,175 – yearly OR $6,931 – monthly)
  • Family size of 8 – ($92,525 – yearly OR $7,710 – monthly)

Award Limits:  Recipients may be awarded up to 75% of the estimated veterainary costs up to a maximum of $250.

Application Procedures:  Applicants must fill out the Veterinary Assistance Program Application for Funds and turn it into Great River Rescue.  A written estimate of cost from the applicant’s veterinarian must be enclosed at the time the application is turned in.  The estimate may be faxed directly to Great River Rescue at 218-444-4154. In some cases the diagnosis is unclear and therefore the estimated cost can vary. In those cases, the application can be approved without a specific amount defined. Funding will still be limited to the amounts listed in the section above. Proof of income status must also be included with the application packet.  Applications will be reviewed as soon as possible by the Executive Director of Great River Rescue.  Applicants will be informed as to whether or not they will be awarded funds in a timely manner.  All decisions of Great River Rescue are final.

Choice of Veterinary Service:  Applicants may use the veterinarian of their choosing.  Some local veterinarians may offer a discount on services for award recipients.  Great River Rescue will inform applicants of any veterinary services that offer a discount.

Types of Awards:  Awards will be given for emergency, preventative, and basic veterinary care.  However, preference will be given to applicants requesting emergency veterinary care.

Award Payout:  Awards will not be given directly to award recipients.  Awards will only be paid out to the veterinary service providing care for the recipient’s pet.  Recipients will be responsible for arranging payment with their veterinarian.

Availability of Funds:  Funds will be available beginning at July 31, 2014 until all of the original $2500 is expended.  All grant funds must be expended by July 31, 2015.  Award recipients will be eligible for one award per calendar year.

Post-Service Survey:  All award recipients will be required to complete a survey about their experience with the Veterinary Assistance Program.  Any recipients who fail to complete the survey will not be eligible for future awards from Great River Rescue.

Other Requirements:  Applicants will be required to provide a valid photo ID.


Participating Veterinarians (these vets offer a 10% discount on services)

*Headwaters Veterinary – Dr. Reitveld, 333-9010


Download the Application


Return the completed application to Great River Rescue:

Mail: 1612 Carr Lake Rd SE, Bemidji, MN 56601
Fax: 218-444-4154

Great River Rescue