Regarding the Name Change

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3 Responses

  1. Angie Fournier says:

    Thanks for the great explanation. I know when I moved to Bemidji, I believed all those things you wrote about. It wasn’t until I started volunteering that I learned there was no affiliation or funding from the county or USHS. I love the new name and hope it helps people become even more involved in this wonderful community resource.

  2. Becky Rittenour says:

    I wondered why the name was being changed. These are all excellent reasons. When I first moved here, I also believed your agency was connected with the Humane Society (which has a very negative connotation for me regarding their kill rates.) You all do a wonderful job–keep it up!

  3. Tammi Hartung says:

    Wonderful explanation regarding the name change. I was also under the same false assumptions until I started volunteering and learned the truth. I look forward to buying and wearing a new t-shirt with Great River Rescue!

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