Nyx (Crystal)

Nyx (Crystal) – Adopted 8/28/2021



Nyx just moved into my house, she has her own kennel with lots of toys she doesn’t even use. She is still very fearful of people she doesn’t know but she has taken a liking to my girlfriend and roommates which shows she is capable of trust. She sleeps with me at night no problem. Potty training is ongoing of course but she is smart enough to learn. She already learned to sit for treats and listens very well on walks. She gets the zoomies and likes to play. She even starts to talk sometimes. Nyx also became really affectionate and looks to me for reassurance and comfort. She loves to boop me with her nose while walking or just to get me to pay her attention. I gave her a nice brush and she didn’t seem to mind too much. I can’t wait to bathe her when her stitches heal.


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