New Adoption Procedures (Again!?)

Updated Adoption Procedures – February 2021

by Brandon Mustful

Over the last year, we have been grappling with everything that COVID-19 has thrown at us, while trying to continue to save animals in a safe and responsible manner. In doing so, we have adjusted our procedures several times. I am grateful for everyone’s flexibility and willingness to follow our procedures as they have changed.

As of today, we are adjusting our procedures again. However, this time we intend the change to be long term, even after the pandemic is over. The idea behind the change is to create an adoption process that is more relational, and less transactional. Our main function is to get animals into homes with responsible and caring pet owners. We find that most pet owners and caretakers want to be good owners, but they might need a little guidance. With that in mind, we want to get to know our adopters a little better and help them get to know us. We believe that we can do a better job of matching them up with the perfect pet for them than we are currently doing. Our new process will also continue to allow for safe animal viewing and adoption amid the pandemic. Therefore, our new adoption process will be as follows:

  • Potential adopters may view adoptable pets at our website –
  • If the adopter would like to meet any of the pets, they need to schedule a one hour appointment through our website (or they can call).
  • GRR staff will call to confirm appointments and ask any questions we might have about your interest in adopting.
  • At their appointment, the adopter will have a chance to meet-n-greet with adoptable pets, and be interviewed by GRR staff. This appointment will give the potential adopter time to meet with pets that might be a good fit, and it will give us time to learn more about their home/lifestyle/etc.
  • If the adopter finds a pet that want to adopt, GRR staff will then direct them to complete an adoption application.
  • GRR staff will review the application and discuss the adoption with the applicant.
  • If approved, the adopter will complete the contract and adoption fee, and may take the animal home the same day.
    • All other adoption and foster policies remain in force.

To view our adoptable cats and learn more about our adoption procedures, follow this link | Click Here

To view our adoptable dogs and learn more about our adoption procedures, follow this link | Click Here

We again thank everyone for their flexibility. We hope that these updated procedures will benefit the pets and our clients. If you have any questions about the procedures please email me at or call us at 218-751-7910.

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