In Honor Of

Make a Donation in Honor of Someone Special!

“In Honor Of” Donations:

Memorials, tributes, or honorariums are a very special way to say “I love You”, “I remember You”, “I honor You”, “I think You are special.”  For a nominal donation, we will print your message in our newsletter and on our website. If you would like notification of your donation sent to someone, please provide specific instructions including the name and address of the recipient and what you would like the notification to include.


  • Dr. Claudeen McAuliffe and the Mod Squad | from Anonymous
  • Mary Langerak | from Penny Pokorny
  • Ben Rudnicki | from Anne Meredith
  • Loretta Antin’s Birthday | from Loretta Antin and Joseph Partyka
  • Amber Latzke’s Birthday | from Nikki Ranweiler
  • Star Celeste Luna-Erickson’s Birthday | from Kathy Simmons

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