Hello! My name is Jordyn. I seen this email on your website to share stories of the pets from this facility! 

This is going to sound silly, but I found my dog was in your facility 2 seperate times on Facebook! I decided to search your Facebook page and typed in his breed and he showed up! 

I have Hershey. He is 7 years old now today. He was at Great River Rescue at 1 years old back in 2015. He was named Sigeel. It then says someone who was named Robin adopted him. One year later he was back at Great River Rescue again, now named Rhos. I know every spot and pattern on my dogs fur, and that’s how I knew this was him both times. 

It then says a Julie adopted him. His photo on the post saying he was adopted, had the collar he wore when I first adopted him. One year later again he was homeless and located in International falls BHS shelter, named Hershey. That’s when I adopted him in 2018 May 10. 

I just wanted to share his story, and say he now is officially in his forever home! I love him to bits. He is my bestest friend and incredibly beautiful. He is recieving all veterinarian visits he needs, is healthy, happy and thriving! He has struggled with anxiety and trust issues, which makes sense even more now. I’ve been training him to help with his anxiety. One thing that’s helped him is using toys that he has to work for to get food or treats out of. It boosts his confidence so much! He only cuddles me and his dad (my boyfriend), but is friendly with all people. He just doesn’t open up to people cuddle wise for a long while. Also we found a bb from a bb gun on his leg…

Anyways, that is a chunk of Hershey’s story! He’s a beagle terrier mix. I love him so much! 

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