“My husband and I adopted Gus on July 18. We were looking for a buddy for our 6-year-old male black cat, Remy, after our other cat passed away unexpectedly after Christmas. While Remy has taken some time to get used to having another cat around, Gus has been very interested in following him around and observing his daily activities. They enjoy sharing treats together – especially Shrimpy Shrimp flavored Temptations! Gus likes to empty out the kitty toy box and carry his toys all over the house, which provides a lot of entertainment for Remy (and keeps him on the youthful side!). He also likes to tip the water dish over, so finding an “untippable” water dish was one adjustment we made for our new furry friend. He looks up to Remy, so we hope they can become closer as time goes on!”

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