GRR Scouts

Building Compassionate Leaders

GRR Scouts Program Outline

Great River Rescue believes kids have the power to help companion animals while becoming responsible pet owners, caretakers, and community leaders. GRR Scouts was designed to get kids involved in the work of animal rescue, teach them what it means to be responsible pet owners, and give them an opportunity to contribute to the welfare of pets.

Program Details

Kids aged 8 – 12 years complete various pet care activities for their pets at home, or for a fostered or shelter pet and earn special GRR Scouts Colored Paws. The more Paws they earn, the higher GRR Scout level they’ll achieve. Kids who achieve all activities and attend our three in-person sessions will earn a special certificate and prizes.

  • Program runs from June 1 to August 31
  • Register online for a fee of $10
  • Parents/Guardians sign off for all completed activities
  • Three in-person learning sessions – prizes are awarded for attending, with special incentives for kids who attend all three

Once registered, parents/guardians will receive an email with further program details, a link to our achievement form, dates for outreach events and instructions to sign-up.

GRR Scouts Activities

Toy Time

  • Make 20 toys or more for sheltered dogs or cats and donate them to the shelter | For examples – Click Here

Feed Your Pet

  • Feed your pet at home every day for two weeks straight

Exercise Your Pet

  • Walk your dog or play with your dog or cat every day for at least 20 minutes for two weeks straight

Potty Pick Up

  • Pick up dog poop or scoop the litter box every day for two weeks straight

Make blankets

  • Make five blankets or more for shelter dogs or cats and donate them to the shelter | For examples – Click Here

Homemade Treats

  • Make one gallon bag full of healthy treats for shelter dogs and cats and donate them to the shelter | For examples – Click Here

Write thank yous

  • Create 20 thank you cards or more for shelter supporters and donate them to the shelter

Read to a shelter pet

  • Schedule a 30 minute reading session and read to a shelter pet | Book a Reading Time Here

Community outreach

  • Volunteer at a GRR outreach event and help distribute GRR outreach material for at least one hour | Sign up through our GiveGab Platform Here (We are switching to on July 1. Please use the following link to sign up for any activity after July 1 | Click Here)


GRR Scouts FAQ

How old do I need to be for GRR Scouts?

  • The program is designed for kids aged 8 – 12 years. who are not quite old enough to participate as volunteers at GRR.

Once an achievement is completed, how do I submit it to GRR?

  • We ask that you wait until all activities have been completed. Then, have a parent/guardian submit the achievements form. If, at the end of the summer, your child has not completed all activities, you may submit an achievements form and note all activities that have been completed. | Click Here.

How do I sign up my child(ren) to be a GRR Scout?

  • A registration form needs to be completed per child that is joining the GRR Scouts program.

How much is the GRR Scouts registration fee? 

  • There is a $10 fee to register for GRR Scouts. It includes a GRR Scouts starter kit, three in-person learning sessions, and other prizes and incentives throughout the program.

What is expected of me and my GRR Scout after we sign-up?

  • You and your GRR Scout(s) can be as involved as you choose to be!  The more involved your GRR Scout is in the care of their pet, the more achievements they will reach, however there is no participation level required.

What if we don’t have a pet at home?

  • Many of the activities can be achieved without a pet. Other activities can be accomplished at the shelter with proper supervision. Arrangements can be made in advance with shelter staff to work on those activities with shelter pets.

What are the different levels of GRR Scouts achievements? 

  • Scouts who complete 3 or more activities will achieve the “Beagle” level. Scouts who complete 6 or more activities will achieve the “Golden Retriever” level. Scouts who complete all 9 activities will achieve the “Great Dane” level.


Use the following link to register. After submitting your information, you will be redirected to our Kindful donation page to pay the $10 registration fee.


In-Person Learning Sessions

We will be holding three in-person learning sessions. Kids will have the opportunity at these sessions to learn more about being safe around animals, and how to be a responsible pet owner. Social and physical distancing and face covering requirements will be followed. Sessions will be on June 10, July 8 and August 12 from 12 to 2 pm at Great River Rescue. Space is limited. Students can RSVP for the learning sessions here | IN PERSON LEARNING SESSIONS ARE FULL


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