Great River Rescue Launches Home To Home Website

Home To Home™ Gives Pets a Smoother transition into a new Home.

Great River Rescue has added a new interactive tool to help families with pets in Bemidji. will give pet owners who can no longer keep their pets the opportunity to find new, loving homes without having to surrender them to the shelter. Pets can go from one home right into another, which means less stress for animals and humans alike. In addition, this offers potential new owners the opportunity to communicate directly with the current owners, providing firsthand information about the animals.

To break it down, Home To Home™ is a re-homing website for owners who need to surrender their pets, which can include dogs, cats and other animals. Those needing to re-home pets fill out a brief form, upload a picture, and hit submit.  For those seeking a pet, there is a search feature. Home To Home™ is free to use; however, there are some rules to the site, such as no money is allowed to exchange hands. Re-homing fees don’t lead to better outcomes for pets, but quality communications will.

According to Great River Rescue Executive Director Brandon Mustful “The closure of the shelter in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic really opened our eyes to the need to give people more options for rehoming their pets. The shelter had to drastically reduce animal intake, which was already at high demand, leaving people in difficult circumstances. Home To Home gives people another option for pets that might not do well in a shelter setting, or might not be able to enter the shelter in a timely fashion.”

Shelter personnel will monitor the site to ensure that the rules are followed. Home To Home™ pet postings will be promoted on GRR’s Facebook page to help generate interest. Also, staff will intervene as necessary to help or to offer advice. Not only will this tool make transitions into new homes easier for pets, but it will also leave more shelter resources available to animals with no other options, such as strays and those suffering from neglect or abuse. While re-homing pets through Home To Home™ will alleviate the need for some pets to be surrendered to the shelter, it won’t be suitable for all re-homing needs. As always, animals can be surrendered directly to the shelter.

“Our participation in Home To Home™ is due to the generous support from a Maddie’s Fund Grant, #ThankstoMaddie. Our share of the Maddie’s Fund Grant covers the cost of our own Home To Home™  branded website,, and a year of web hosting.”

Home To Home™ is a national program that is used among shelters and rescues across the United States.  To visit the Home To Home™ network’s master page go to or to learn more about Great River Rescue go to or Shelter’s Home To Home™ site is

Visit our Home To Home site | Click Here

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