Give To the Max Day 2016

Give to the Max Day a Big Success

Over $8,000 donated for shelter pets

The annual day of giving in Minnesota, Give to the Max Day was held on November 17, 2016.  At Great River Rescue we were calling it Give “in-memory” Day.  Thankfully, we had a $3,000 matching donation which was mad in-memory of the donors beloved cat Tigger.  Other supporters were encouraged to donate in-memory or in-honor of their cherished pets, with up to $3,000 being matched.  Over the course of the day, a total of $8,395 was raised for Great River Rescue and its mission to save, care for, and find homes for companion animals.  This was a great day of giving, nearly doubling the next highest total raised on Give to the Max Day in the past.  Everyone at Great River Rescue is incredibly grateful for the support of the community on Give to the Max Day and throughout the year.

Many supporters made donations in-memory or in-honor of their pets.  Below is a list of those contributors and their memorials and honorariums.

In Memory and In Honor

Bogey | from Randy and Vicki Brandsted
Fluffy Fjose, beloved cat of Pat and Monte | from Doug and Dee Rieffel
Tigger | from Anonymous
Mike, Bandit, Muttley, Red Dog, Frodo, McDougal and Galahad | from Jackie and Judith Ryder
Lucy | from Angie Fournier
Alli | from Amanda Brustad
Cooper | from Kristine Kolar
Cheyenne, my heart | from Jennifer Janiksela
Bear and Cody | from Joe and Kari Czapiewski
Opie | from Jessica Thompson
Pat and Ruth Foley | from Kathleen Pace
Ginger and Twittles | from Brandon Mustful
The Family Pugs | from Robyn Schulke
Sargeant, Dante, Apollo, Siam, Chaise, Little One, Chauncey, Benney, and Cesear | from Jan Stricker
Duke, Petey and Socks | from Laura Kreun
Kali Jo | from Angela and Michael Morris
Buttercup | from Winnifred Althiser
Molly | from Pamela McClintock
Beloved Baxter | from Patricia Smith
Rollie, my dear loving companion | from Karen Grace
Abby, the world’s best dog | from Janis Cota
Coda | from Nancy Manley
Jersey | from Renee Leindecker

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