Freida (now Cadence)

“I was known as Freida at great river rescue. It’s been a month since I was sprung. I have a new big sister Takiyah who loves, loves, loves, to chase and wrestle. She is also VERY protective of me when the mean cats (who I would never ever chase……..HONEST!) bully me. Truck rides are the bomb! Takiyah even let’s me snuggle up next to her on long rides. The chewies here are awesome!  Bully sticks, pig ears, and really tough pressed rawhide bones. You should see the size of the toy box here!  I have shredded a few but mom’s say that is what they are there for.  The squeaky ones are really cool!  I walk around the whole house squeaking it to show those mean cats my toys are way cooler then their stupid catnip toys! Thank you sooooo much for saving me and helping me to find my furever home!!”

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Great River Rescue