Flea/Tick Prevention for your Pets

Flea/Tick Prevention for your Pets

We all know how bad the ticks can be in the Spring and Summer. Many of us have also had to deal with fleas, which is not fun! Applying flea/tick preventive medicine is so important to protect your pet for diseases like Lyme and Heartworm, and prevent a nasty flea infestation. Knowing what to use for your pet can be confusing though. Also, sometimes our pets don’t like having the medicine applied which makes the task that much more intimidating. Don’t worry. Follow the tips you find in the following articles and you’ll be an expert on flea/tick prevention in no time, and your pet will thank you for it!

Keep Your Dog Safe From Fleas and Ticks with 10 Prevention Tips from the AKC | Click Here

Which is the Best Flea Prevention for your Pet from 1-800-PetMeds | Click Here

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