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Great River Rescue to Renovate Portion of Shelter

Beginning the second week of January, Great River Rescue will be remodeling one of the shelter’s dog kennel rooms. The remodel is meant to provide more useable space at the shelter to enhance the experience for adopters, and the shelter animals. Basically, the shelter’s large dog kennel room will be divided up to create a new animal introduction room and intake exam room. The introduction room will be given a home-like atmosphere to allow potential adopters to meet with animals in a warm, cozy home-style setting. The intake exam room will provide a private, secure space for conducting exams of incoming animals, and other minor check-ups and procedures that may need to be done. Plus, this space will provide a buffer between the dog rooms, and the cat quarantine room to reduce the stress on sick kitties who will no longer have to hear barking dogs as much.

“We are really excited about this project,” said Executive Director Brandon Mustful. “For years we have been considering ways to modify or expand our building, and we think this is a good option to make a positive change that isn’t overwhelmingly costly.”

The family of Ruth Edevold is pleased to announce a contribution from the Ruth Edevold Endowment of Excellence to Great River Rescue—as a kickstarter grant for this important shelter renovation project.  Edevold was the founding director of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation who unexpectedly passed away in 1999.  “My mother understood the importance of investing in nonprofit infrastructure to assure long term sustainability,” says Jeanne Edevold Larson.  “She would agree that our civility is reflected in how we shelter everyone in our community—our treasured furry companions included.  We hope this gift will inspire others to give to Great River Rescue so they can increase their capacity to care for animals and connect them to loving homes.”

To make a donation to this important project, use the following link  | Shelter Makeover Campaign.

While this project is undertaken, animals are being placed in adoptive or foster homes. There will be plenty of noise and dust from the work, so the shelter will not be an ideal spot for the animals. If you are interested in adopting or fostering an animal, please view our adoptable pets on our website and submit your application. View the adoptable pets here | Adoptable Dogs | Adoptable Cats. View information about our foster program and submit your foster home application here | Foster. Please help GRR get these animals into homes until this project can be finished!

To learn more about this project, here is a short video from Director Mustful.



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