Excessive Barking

Excessive Barking 

Recently, Great River Rescue conducted a survey among our clients about pet behavior problems. The number one problem identified was excessive barking in dogs. A dog that barks at friends, or barks at night, or all day when we’re at work can create turmoil in our lives. There is no easy solution to this barking, but there are things we can do to ease our dog’s anxiety, and bring peace to our home. Please check out the following articles from our partners for some guidance on this difficult issue.

How to Stop Nuisance Barking from the AKC | Click Here

All About Dog Barking from the ASPCA | Click Here

Common Dog Behavior Issues and How to Treat Them from Dogsintl.com | Click Here

See our Sit-Stay-Seek Newsletter with an article focused on Excessive Vocalization in Dogs | Click Here



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