enzoEnzo is a beagle/terrier mix, and a tan/white color. Enzo is adjusting well to other pets. He loves playing with them! He is also adjusting well to other people. He loves getting as much petting and love as possible. We love our new pet and he fits in so well here!

Enzo is the first dog that we have owned so we didn’t know what to expect, but he is everything we have wanted and more! We learned right away that he is a super affectionate dog and will always cuddle and kiss you as much as he pleases. Among his favorite things are peanut butter, his bandana, shoes (he doesn’t chew them though, and walks. Enzo has always wanted to pee on a fire hydrant, so he has finally accomplished that goal! He likes to control the bed, and how much space he gives us. He of course gets the middle! He loves to make his way under the covers and lick our feet as we’re sleeping. Enzo always snores at night and when he is napping. Loudly I might add! We think it is cute though. Enzo enjoys going on long walks and going on runs!

He is the perfect companion for us and we are so happy that we finally adopted him! He will be coming back for regular visits to the Humane Society!

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  1. jessie says:

    Enzo sounds so nice

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