Emergency Medical Help Needed!

Great River Rescue is currently facing two medical emergencies.  First, Camilla, a 5 month old Pit Bull puppy has broken her leg in two places while in foster care.  The cost for orthopedic surgery to repair her leg is $1500.  Great River Rescue does not currently have the funds to pay for this surgery.  

Secondly, Butterfinger, who has been with the Humane Society since June, is in need of a full mouth extraction.  He had a partial extraction in June, but his periodontal disease remains and is causing him discomfort.  Plus, it could lead to further infections.  The estimate to remove the rest of his teeth is $360.  

In addition to the estimates for these two animals, we have recently had several other medical emergencies and fees related to Butterfinger’s and Camilla’s situation.  We are reaching out to the community for help with these costs.

Butterfinger enjoying some time at the front desk.

Butterfinger enjoying some time at the front desk.


Please understand that Great River Rescue is a private nonprofit organization that does not receive city or county funding.  Our adoption fees do not come close to covering the investment we make in caring for companion animals.  So far in 2014 we have saved, cared for, and found homes for 253 animals.  We can’t continue this work without your help.  Thank you!

Make your contributions at our GiveMN special page – DONATE HERE


Camilla after her surgery.



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