Donors Needed for Home to Home

Kennie - adopted through Home to Home

Donors Needed for Home to Home

Platform to begin charging monthly subscription fee

In June of 2020, Great River Rescue announced the launch of Home to Home, an online service to help pet owners and caretakers rehome their pets. The service became available at no charge due to grant funding from Maddie’s Fund. For two years, Great River Rescue has promoted the service as an option for animals that will not do well in the shelter setting, or when the intake waiting list is too long for someone to wait. During the past two years, 214 animals have been posted on our site, with 103 of them being reported as being adopted or eventually surrendered. Animals posted for adoption included dogs, cats, rodents, bunnies, birds, and other small pets. Home to Home has been a great option to offer clients and has helped keep animals out of the shelter.

Recently, Home to Home announced that their grant funding had run out, and they are forced to charge shelters and rescues a $50 per month subscription fee. Unfortunately, this fee does not fit within Great River Rescue’s current budget. In order to continue offering the service, the shelter is seeking donations made directly for this service. The goal is to raise $600 to cover a full year subscription. Funds need to be raised by July 1, 2022.

You can donate directly to this cause here: Donate Here

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Kennie – adopted through Home to Home



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