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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi all! Thank you for sending Coraline’s picture in the mail! We’ve traveled a difficult road trying to get her healthy! When I adopted her she had patches of fur missing from a flea infestation (as I was told) and a slight limp from time to time. When I took her to the vet for her rabies shot I was informed she had a fever/infection. After treating this, I addressed the limp with the vet and we discovered she had lymes disease. We got her on medication immediately and a couple weeks later I noticed those missing patches of fur were not only growing but new patches of missing fur were growing! I had bought her a cone to stop her from biting/itching but nothing was helping, I called the vet again and we discovered on top of all of this poor sweethearts problems she suffers from demodectic mange. She had scratched at her skin so badly that she had developed a skin infection. We have finished the lyme medication but she will be on the mange medication until just before new years.. it’s been a long road to health and happiness but I already have seen such changes in her and she follows me everywhere every minute I am home. She is starting to grow fur on her paws and some of the dark patches on her skin are starting to clear. Hoping to have her 100% for New Years!!

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