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In Honor Of

Memorials, tributes, or honorariums are a very special way to say “I love You”, “I remember You”, “I honor You”, “I think You are special.”  For a nominal donation, we will print your message in our newsletter and on our website.

Ginger – Teri & Cal Bradel’s New Puppy | from Sheila Lapp

Baby Murray | from Lori Comstock

Jim & Sue Sutton | from Bonnie Bailey

Elvis | from Peggy Boggs

Henry & Ruthie | from Jeremy & Courtney Weber

The Marriage of Ann and Karl Mork | from Sheena Ysen, Charlene Ellig, Erika Mork, and AME & MD Buda

Celine Provost | from Becca Wold

Lucky | from Kristine Hernandez

Steve Boe & Ann Bradley | from Kim Nord

Taylor | from Arthur and Sue Richards Chase

All the Dogs I have Loved | from Marjorie Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Art Gullette | from Janet Peterson

Luck the Cat | from Kristine Hernandez

Mary Foster | from Thomas, Jacqueline, and Michael Foster

Janet Peterson | from Art & Jeanne Gullette

Peri Lap and her love of animals | from Sheila Lapp

Talee | from Dr. Mark Colliton

Rin Tin | from Anonymous

Meswaki & Morgana | from Rebecca Knowles

Carl | from Mark & Darice Dwyer

John & Jan Cota | from Dennis & Susan Doeden

The furry friends who share my life | from Sue Feeney

The wedding of Greta Sieve and Michael Henderson | from Karl Mork

Maci’s Birthday | from Bryan & Sarah Martinka, Katie & Matthew Boell, and Amy & Travis Haskell,