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Animals bring a lot of joy into our lives. They are such faithful companions that give us unconditional love. At the same time, sometimes they behave in unpredictable and even undesirable ways. We get frustrated with some of our pet’s behaviors and even reach the point of exasperation.

To facilitate a discussion around pet behavior issues, and to provide resources and other guidance we have created this blog page, Sit-Stay-Seek. Our goal is to keep pets in their homes by encouraging caregivers to stop and think critically about the issues they are seeing, and ask questions. With this blog page, we will regularly post articles, videos and other resources related to common pet behavior issues. The blog also allows users to post questions, and their own pet stories too. We encourage open discussion with the community and will do everything we can to provide help and guidance.



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Please use the form below if you have any questions for our dog trainer, Barb Godding, KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA, CGC (Learn more about Barb here: Dog Talk Training MN.) We also encourage you to share your own stories of success dealing with pet behavior issues. Feel free to include up to two photos!

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