Atti – Adopted October 21, 2020

We have had Atticus for just under a year now. When we adopted him, I was grieving the loss of my sweet dog, Hornsby. I wasn’t positive I was ready to give my heart to another dog, but was willing to try. Atti was EXACTLY what I needed.

He came to us underweight, confused, and scared. He made himself right at home immediately, though he has been the picture of velcro dog 😉

He can’t quite seem to figure out standard sleeping positions, which never stops being entertaining (as you can tell from the numerous pics of him sleeping). He has learned to recognize when Dusty (the only non-dog lover in the house) comes home & Atti goes and sits by the window waiting for Dusty to come inside. Atticus has learned to sit, walk politely on the leash, and to wait patiently for people to pet him. He gets toys monthly, delivered by Fed-Ex, so needless to say, he LOVES when he sees the Fed-Ex truck. He has figured out where the heat vents are & when he hears the furnace kick on, runs to lay by them.

He is absolutely obsessed with fresh strawberries, mangos, and carrots. I eat a lot of hard boiled eggs & when he hears me crack them to take the shells off, he comes into the kitchen at full speed, sits down, waits a few seconds, then puts his paw on my foot as if to say “mama, I’m sitting ” because he knows he will get an egg yolk for his manners.

Anyway, he is in great shape, loves to play and go on car rides. We absolutely adore him & his silly face.

I want to thank everyone there for all you do & for saving Atticus. THANK YOU for allowing us to adopt him and love him & his quirky personality ❤

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