Things to Consider Before Surrendering Your Pet

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Deciding to re-home your pet may not be an easy decision. Sometimes stuff in life happens and the decision to re-home may be inevitable.

We will try and assist you as much as we can and will be in contact as soon as we have the space. In the meantime, we ask that you make every attempt to place your pet into a home. Below you will find some useful information to assist you in placing the pet.

  • The most important is to ask for a re-homing fee. This will insure that your pet will go into a home where it will be safe. Not everyone looking for a free pet will be invested in the pets best interest.
  • Don’t forget there are other rescues in the state of Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, etc. Many are breed specific. When it comes to rescues, check to make sure they are 501© 3 not for profit incorporated. Also, foster based rescues will ensure that your pet will not sit in a kennel and will be in a home. When emailing these rescues, be as short as possible when seeking assistance with placement. Keep in mind that rescues can receive up to 100 emails per day and will not have the time to read through every single one. The important information to include in your email are: the breed (cats will range from short hair to medium or long hair), the age, the animal’s temperament and personality, why the animal is being re-homed, and a clear photo of the animal.
  • Locate pet adoption sites on Facebook and Craig’s list. Hang flyers in grocery stores, pet stores, and veterinarian offices. Always ask prior to hanging flyers in businesses.
  • You can also use as a resource to re-home your pet. This website is a safe and usually effective way for private citizens to re-home their pet. Learn more and get started by clicking the badge below.

Check out the Animal Humane Society website for more information on re-homing.

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