Pet Fixers COVID-19 Procedures

Special Clinic Procedures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19:

In the world of COVID-19, we all need to take special precautions to prevent the spread of the disease and keep each other safe. Great River Rescue and Pet Fixers desire to provide high-quality spay/neuter services to further our mission and serve our communities. To do this safely and responsibly, we have created some new procedures for our clinics. It is important that every staff member, volunteer, and client follow these guidelines to mitigate risk, support each other, and help us continue to serve as many people and pets as possible.

Staying Informed

Great River Rescue will monitor the Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota Association of Veterinary Medicine website for updates regarding changing restrictions, stay-at-home orders and phased opening procedures that may affect spay/neuter operations.

Client Registration

Clients must preregister their pets for spay/neuter services through our online system Clinic HQ. A $20 deposit must be paid per animal. Clients will receive confirmation emails with any special instructions. They will also receive a consent form which must be digitally signed and returned. We will work with clients who do not have email addresses, but strongly encourage the use of email to avoid person-to-person contact whenever possible.

Day of the Clinic

Clients with dogs should arrive on their scheduled day between 7 and 8 am, while clients with cats should arrive between 8 and 9 am. Dogs must be on a leash and collar or harness and cats must be in carriers or kennels. Clients should wait in their vehicles upon arrival. A Pet Fixers staff or volunteer will meet you at your car and take the cat or dog from you. Pet Fixers staff or volunteers will be wearing personal protective equipment. We ask that you please wear a face covering during this short interaction. We will confirm the services your pet(s) will receive at this time.

Clients will receive a phone call when it is time to pick their pet(s). You will also be sent an invoice for services. We ask that you pay the invoice prior to coming to pick up your pet(s) if at all possible. Upon arrival, clients should again wait in their vehicle. A Pet Fixers staff or volunteer will meet you and bring your pet(s) to you. Post surgical instructions will be emailed to you at check-out.

Team Approach

Clinics will be staffed by staggered teams of Great River Rescue staff and volunteers to prevent exposure to all necessary workers. The minimum number of staff and volunteers needed for a successful clinic will be assigned to each clinic.

Work Spaces

Work spaces will be taped off for each work function to allow for a minimum of 60 square feet for each worker. Movement between stations will be limited to only occur when necessary. One way traffic patterns will be marked out to avoid unnecessary interactions.

Client Communication & Administration

All client communication and administrative tasks will be completed remotely whenever possible. This includes registration, signing documents, payment, and distribution of post-surgical documents. Clients that can not complete documents remotely will be allowed in the shelter by appointment only and will be informed of all social distancing protocols to be followed.

Deep Cleaning

All clinic areas will be deep cleaned with RESCUE (accelerated hydrogen peroxide) at the conclusion of the clinic. Additional sanitation of commonly touched items and areas will also be conducted regularly.


All supplies, both medications and PPE will be inventoried after each clinic and reordered promptly. Great River Rescue maintains accounts from various suppliers to ensure availability. Extra stock of supplies will be kept on hand whenever possible.

Masks and gloves will be worn by all staff and volunteers. Cloth masks can be washed and reused by the user to conserve supplies.

We will also inventory our Personal Protective Equipment regularly and are prepared to contribute that equipment to the fight against COVID-19 should it become necessary.

Clinic Cancellations

Clinics may be canceled on short notice to help support the health care industry or prevent the spread of illness should there be a spike in our area.

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