I am glad to inform you that Fynn has been doing very well since we adopted him. I changed his name to Ace when we got him, just seemed to fit him better.

I bring him to the dog park just about every day that it isn’t raining and he gets along with all the other dogs very well. Sometimes his puppyness still shows and he gets a little too energetic with older dogs but he stops right away when his name is called.

He is a very intelligent dog. It took very little training to teach him to come to his name, sit, lay down, and drop. the fetching part however he is about 50/50 on haha.

When we first got him the only bad thing he did was occasionally jump on people when they came to the door.  He has since gotten better at this and rarely if ever jumps on people. In the entire time we’ve had him I have only heard him bark twice which is very good!

Ace is quite the character and has become a part of our family. whenever we are moving around the house he is constantly watching us as if he is curious as to what we are doing. whenever we play with him and tell him to sit he will turn around so is back is facing us, back up, and sit on you (if your sitting down, or sit on your feet if your standing) it is quite funny to watch.

happytails7.22Fynn2 happytails7.22Fynn3

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