A Message to our Supporters

Dear Great River Rescue Supporter,

Hopefully, you have been having a fun, eventful, and safe summer. With the challenges we’ve all faced in the last year or so, we know more than ever how much we need each other. As an organization, we have faced a lot of challenges too. In fact, as we approach our 44th year of service, I reflect on many of the obstacles this agency has faced just to keep working on our mission of saving animals. We have persevered, and what has become abundantly obvious to me is that we’ve only been able to do that because of the commitment and dedication of our supporters. People who care and believe in the work we are doing ALWAYS step up when needed the most.

If you aren’t aware, this summer we suddenly faced a significant staffing shortage. Intakes were temporarily suspended and volunteers were called to help. Thankfully, our volunteers showed up and ensured that every animal continued to receive quality care. We were also able to quickly hire new staff who have already shown incredible resolve and desire to serve. We were able to resume intakes in mid-July and took in a total of 29 animals in July (which is average intake for a normal month). Our adoption and Pet Fixers spay/neuter programs were also able to continue unhindered – we adopted 52 animals between June and July, and spayed/neutered 204 pets!

Additionally, our Board of Directors maintained responsible governance and oversight during the past few months. I am incredibly grateful for their care and concern for the health and security of our organization. Our Board consists entirely of community volunteers who make an awesome commitment month after month and year after year.

Moving forward, I am very excited for everything this agency will accomplish in the months and years to come. I am pleased to have a staff that is welcoming to everyone and ready and willing to do what needs to be done to save animals. I feel privileged to have a Board that fully supports my efforts as the Executive Director. If you ever visit our website, you’ll see the values we have and promote as an organization:

  • Care, compassion and empathy for animals and people
  • Accountability to high standards of professional and ethical behavior
  • Respect and kindness with every decision and interaction

I will continue to do my best to adhere to those standards, and encourage my staff and volunteers to do the same. Of course, we aren’t perfect and people make mistakes. Nonetheless, we will always keep those values in mind and strive to do our best.

Thank you for your continued support for our work. Thank you for believing in us!


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