2 Traveling Dogs Visits Great River Rescue

2 Traveling Dogs Visits Great River Rescue

Great River Rescue was privileged to be visited by Rachael and Nate from 2 Traveling Dogs, a popular internet blog dedicated to animal rescue, on Friday, September 16.  2 Traveling Dogs is in the middle of an adventure in which they visit one rescue in each of the 48 contiguous states.  Their visit to Great River Rescue was the 21st stop on their tour.

Great River Rescue is appreciative of their efforts to raise awareness and support of the cause of shelters and rescues around the country.  They wrote a blog post regarding their visit which can be seen here: Blog Post

Make sure you check out their post and visit their Facebook page to follow all of 2 Traveling Dogs adventures.  https://www.facebook.com/2travelingdogs/

Finally, during their visit Brandon and Ethan played a game of “Stop Hounding Me” with Nate.  Watch the hilarious video here:



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