2015 Annual Report/Tax Return

Great River Rescue 2015 Annual Report and Tax Return Now Available

2015 was a wonderful year at Great River Rescue.  Some highlights include changing our name from Beltrami Humane Society to Great River Rescue, 364 total adoptions, new partnerships with community organizations, and receiving an amazing inheritance donation from one of our members.  A description of those events, annual statistics, and financial information can be found in our 2015 Annual Report which is now available to the public.

Download the Report Here | 2015 Annual Report

We are incredibly grateful to all of our supporters who make our work possible.  So many people stepped up in 2015 and donated, volunteered, and spread the word about our cause.  Thank you to everyone who supports us!  Things continue to go well in 2016 and we know that with your support it will be another great year.

Our 2015 tax return is also now available for public inspection.  We always strive to be completely open and transparent with everyone.  Please feel free to review our return and contact us if you have any questions.

Download the 2015 Tax Return Here | 2015 Tax Return

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