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In Honor Of

Memorials, tributes, or honorariums are a very special way to say “I love You”, “I remember You”, “I honor You”, “I think You are special.”  For a nominal donation, we will print your message in our newsletter and on our website.


John & Jan Cota | from Dennis & Susan Doeden

The furry friends who share my life | from Sue Feeney

The wedding of Greta Sieve and Michael Henderson | from Karl Mork

Maci’s Birthday | from Bryan & Sarah Martinka, Katie & Matthew Boell, and Amy & Travis Haskell,

Wrigley | from Aaron & Elizabeth Townsend

Bonnie Nelson | from John Morgan

Blake Goplin | from Evelyn Goplin-Ayelesworth

Thor | from Larry Hoff

The NTC Nursing Educators | from Sandra Johanning

Kevin Cease | from Allison Cease

Mary Foster | from Thomas Foster and Michael Foster

Shirley Froseth | from Ruth Howe

Janet Peterson | from Art & Jeanne Gullette

Art & Jeanne Gullette | from Janet Peterson

Saphira, Speck & Star | from Brick Fevold

Summit | from Kendis Scharenbroich

Sadie & Calvin | from Patricia Westrum

Hannibal the Cat | from Amber Puschinsky

Hunter | from Dolores Ellis

My 5th Anniversary with Riley | from Amanda Brustad

Rin Tin | from Tara Jones

Karen & Sven | from Larry Hoff

Lorraine Clementson | from Connie McDanel

Lily, Siddhartha, Marty & Rodney | from Robyn Schulke

Patrick Lee and Cassy Keyport | from Peter McDonnell & Mitchell Manthey

Marley aka Scar | from Chris & Wendy De La Cruz

Jim Spargo | from Danna Spargo

Wilder | from Sylvia Wildgen & Ann Ertl

The Marriage of Christ & Julia Manessis | from Jane & Gaines Baukol

Mary Foster | from Thomas Foster

Merill Thiel | from Jerry & Shirley Froseth

Charlene Smalley | from Jim Smalley

Dawn & Tony Standera | from the National Christian Foundation

Doug Smart | from Gloria Smart

Ilene Johanneson’s Birthday | from Jean Parkin & Sylvia Wildgen

Kati VonHolten’s Birthday | from Karen Floria

Angela Mengelkock | from Nuveen Investment Holdings

Steve & Kathy Quamme | from Veronica Cooper

Mavis Johnson | from Sheryl & Dave Ekberg

Karley aka Charity | from Lorraine Brustad

Milo & Christine Umbra and Christine’s Birthday | from Jann Gormley

Margaret Welle | from First National Bank

Janet Peterson | from Arthur & Jeanne Gullette

John Bastien Jr | from John Bastien Sr

John Bastien Sr | from John Bastien Jr

Her Grandsons | from Donna Whade

Jan Guggenheimer | from Janice Dickson

Mike & Ling Bastien | from John and Judy Bastien

Art Gullette | from Janet Peterson

Jane & Jessica Thompson | from Judy Youngren